Coming Soon:  Bridger’s Thickness Metrology Station™ enables optics manufacturers to quickly and easily measure lens center thickness and refractive index without contacting the clear aperture of the lens.  The product therefore avoids scrapped and reworked parts resulting from contact center thickness measurements.  The refractive index measurement allows optics manufacturers to identify the optical material and therefore prevent the use and shipment of incorrect materials.  The Thickness Metrology Station™ provides a simple alignment procedure with a simple user interface to obtain accurate and repeatable measurements regardless of the user.  Measurements typically take less than 2 seconds.

The Thickness Metrology Station™ comes standard with an optical mount that ensures non-contact measurement along the optical axis.  Moreover, the mount is modular so that it can be quickly swapped for other mounts if other measurement configurations are preferred, such as measurement along the geometric axis.  Finally, the Thickness Metrology Station™ produces a documented specification pdf that can be provided to your customers.


  • Lens Manufacturing
  • Optics Manufacturing
  • Component Thickness Measurements
  • Optical Material Differentiation

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Product Details

Non-Contact thickness metrology
  • Save scrapped and reworked parts
Large acceptable optical diameter

15 cm

Thick acceptable optic

7.5 cm (optical thickness)

Measurements performed

Physical thickness, optical thickness, and group refractive index (1550 nm)

Precision and accuracy

< 500 nm for specular surfaces

Specifications are subject to change without notice
  • Modular mount allows for customized mounting setups