Bridger’s SLM-IM Length Metrology System was designed to meet the distance measurement needs of laser materials processing machines.  The system measures the position of your part or material relative to your tool beam focus.  On most metals, the system can achieve measurement precision and accuracy limited by the material surface roughness (typically <15 microns).  The measurement laser beam can be co-aligned with the laser processing tool beam through the entire beam line so there’s no need to mount additional components on the cutting head.  Measurements are made with a small fiber-coupled probe that can be far from the base unit for convenience.  Moreover, the measurement system is not damaged by backscattered light from the tool beam.  The large measurement range (up to 30 cm relative to the beam focus, standard) enables rapid and flexible part mapping and allows the head to rapidly and confidently approach the part from afar.  The SLM-IM can detect obstructions in the nozzle and on optics in the tool beam line.  The system has also demonstrated break-through detection for laser drilling applications.   This system is currently sold on an OEM basis.  Please contact us with questions about integrating the SLM-IM into your laser materials processing machines.


  • Laser Materials Processing
  • Industrial Metrology
  • Part Mapping
  • Length Metrology

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Product Details

Measurement Precision
  • <10 microns (1 sigma) typical for most metals
Measurement Accuracy
  • <10 microns
Measurement Update Rate
  • 1 kHz standard
Beam Spot Size

Dependent on Tool Beam Optics (typically <100 microns at focus)

Specifications are subject to change without notice
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