Bridger performs government and commercial contract R&D to create solutions to some of the most difficult and demanding metrology challenges.  Our metrology work utilizes broadband frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) ladar techniques to achieve the highest resolution and precision available.  We work closely with our partners and customers to perform proof-of-principle experiments, develop and demonstrate system prototypes, and transition products to our manufacturing.  All of our work is backed by validated, fundamental mathematical models.

Some of Bridger’s publicly releasable past and current metrology contract work includes:

Next-Generation Metrology for Large Aspheric Optics

Bridger is developing a metrology probe capable of measuring large free-form optics including aspheres for the Department of Defense.  Bridger’s technology will enable 3D surface and thickness data products for our optics fabrication customers.

Rapid and Precise Metrology for Advanced Optical Components

Bridger is advancing its industry-leading length metrology capabilities to reach sub-10-nanometer precision, >40 Hz update rate, >10 cm measurement range, and sufficient sensitivity to enable measurement of high reflection angles (>5 degrees) on ceramic materials with bulk scattering for the Department of Defense.  Bridger will integrate this metrology system with OptiPro System’s UltraSurf precision 5-axis stage to enable an order of magnitude improvement in both the manufacturing time and precision compared to existing solutions. This capability will directly lead to increased manufacturing throughput and decreased manufacturing cost.