Bridger performs government and commercial contract R&D that helps define the state-of-the-art in advanced imaging.  We utilize the unique advantages of coherent imaging for the sensing of objects and we develop innovative approaches to exploit the results.  We capitalize on our core distance measurement capabilities to create high-resolution coherent 3D imagery.  We leverage the coherent nature of our detection techniques to create phase-sensitive synthetic- and holographic-aperture imagery with lateral (cross-range) resolution that surpasses the conventional Rayleigh aperture limit.  We are well versed in the effects of atmospheric turbulence on our imagery.  We have developed advanced algorithms that utilize our imagery as inputs and yield target and object identification data products.  All of our work is backed by validated, fundamental mathematical models.

Some of Bridger’s publicly releasable past and current advanced imaging contract work includes:

Aperture Synthesis Enabled by Fast Focal Plane Arrays

There is a critical need for optical imagers that can achieve both extremely high resolution and a compact form factor for rapid and accurate target identification and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance from airborne platforms. Under this effort, Bridger determined the feasibility of an unconventional imaging system that leverages fast focal plane arrays. Bridger’s existing system design records information over an extended 3D Fourier data space and can utilize either distributed apertures, aperture motion or target motion to improve overall imaging resolution in any of the dimensions. The investigated system will provide a significant savings in size, weight and power and will be designed to fit within existing EO turret or sensor pods. Bridger’s technology offers several critical competitive advantages including 1) Unparalleled resolution in three dimensions by enabling large synthetic apertures, 2) ultra-compact and robust form factor, and 3) rapid acquisition, processing and display times.