Bridger Photonics will partner with Montana State University to examine newly emerging laser sources for their fitness in providing next generation length metrology.  The goal for these systems is to operate at very fast update rates, provide very high resolution, repeatability and accuracy, and be low cost.  Bridger is working with industrial partners to accelerate… Read More

Bridger Photonics announced that it signed two technology licenses with Montana State University covering ultra-high resolution LADAR and MEMS mirror fabrication and control for confocal microscopy and other applications. Dr. Randy Reibel, Cheif Operations Officer for Bridger Photonics, commented that, “These licenses are part of a strong push towards commercial product development and applications at… Read More

The National Science Foundation announced that it would award Bridger Photonics a follow on Phase II contract for its work to develop a hand-held laser based sensor for the remote detection of illicit METH production facilities.  This laser system would be used by law enforcement to help gather evidence of METH production and to speed… Read More

Based on its innovative work to uncover illicit METH labs, Bridger Photonics is researching the possibility to utilize its novel lasers and remote sensing systems to help map CO2 concentrations.  CO2 is a known pollutant that leads to global warming.  Bridger Photonics CEO Pete Roos said “this device has the potential to revolutionize CO2 monitoring… Read More

As is well known, conventional passive imagery data (2D) can be substantially compressed because the object space often contains redundant information.  Conventional cameras take measurements using a pixel-basis and form image-like representations of an object.  Whereas, Feature Specific Imagers (FSI) take measurements using non-image-like basis sets.  These basis sets are often times optimized for the… Read More

NSF Phase IB funding can be used to enhance investment capital that a small coompany brings to the table.  Under this project, Bridger Photonics and its collaborators at Montana State University will benchmark their innovative focus-control technologies based on deformable MEMS mirrors.  The goal is to show that this technology substantially outperforms conventional techniques for… Read More

Dr. Pete Roos, CEO of Bridger Photonics and Prof. Randy Babbitt, Director of Spectrum Lab at Montana State University, were the lead story on the local 6 o’clock news.  The story highlighted the collaborative research between the Company and the University, where a handheld laser based sensor is being developed to detect illicit Methamphetamine labs. … Read More

Bridger Photonics, Inc. has contracted to develop a high-resolution LADAR system. This system has the potential to enable micron-level resolution over kilometer baselines. It holds promise for applications including biometrics, and high-fidelity object identification, and precision positioning. Bridger Photonics, Inc. will concentrate on designing and developing a compact, high-performance device for both military and commercial… Read More