Bridger Photonics has been awarded Supplemental Opportunity for Collaborations (SECO) funding from the NSF to collaborate with Mark Zondlo at Mid-Infrared Technologies for Health and the Environment (MIRTHE).  The team will demonstrate precision laser remote sensing of carbon dioxide.… Read More

Bridger Photonics was awarded a Phase II SBIR from the EPA to develop a remote sensor for carbon dioxide (CO2).  The device will provide CO2 concentration as a function of distance with few-meter resolution.  It will therefore be ideal for identifying and monitoring distant or inaccessible pollution sources.… Read More

Bridger Photonics secured a government contract to use its proprietary LADAR technology to penetrate adverse atmospheric conditions, such as brownout.  This technology has the potential to aid helicopter pilots when landing in significantly degraded visibility conditions.… Read More

Bridger Photonics has secured a government contract to demonstrate an advanced LADAR-based target identification technique.  The technique will help quickly and decisively identify targets while utilizing reduced resources, reduced hardware, and reduced processing.… Read More

Bridger Photonics has been awarded a Phase 1B STTR grant to enhance its development of a fast and accurate LADAR system for precisioin metrology and engineering applications. Bridger is partnering with Montana State University for this effort.… Read More

Bridger Photonics has been awarded a Phase I SBIR grant to demonstrate the feasibility of a compact, low-cost, robust 3D imaging system with no mechanically moving parts.  The start date is January 1, 2010.… Read More

Both long haul fiber optic systems and fiber delay lines for metrology systems often require that the deletirious effects of dispersion be managed.  This is simply done by using a piece of dispersion compensating fiber.  However, it is often hard to find vendors willing to custom make delay lines to the customers’ specific application.  Bridger… Read More

The SLM-H product line is nearing a full product release.  Prototype units have been created and are currently under test in house.  Early tests have demonstrated Fourier Transform limited range peaks of 35 microns (FWHM) for targets under 50 meters and down to 150 microns for targets at a range of 1 km under ideal… Read More