As an employee-led effort, Bridger Photonics and its employees donated 1,595 pounds of food and 5 turkeys to Moonlight Basin’s “Turkey for a Ticket” food drive.  This amount represented nearly 10% of the total donations for the entire food drive.  Moonlight reached 17,000 pounds of food this year, far exceeeding their goal of 12,000 pounds. … Read More

Bridger Photonics was named the 2010 Innovator of the Year, by Prospera Business Network in recognition for their success and commitment to creating innovative laser technologies that improve the lives of others.  “We are very honored by this award,” said Bridger CEO Pete Roos.  “Bridger is at the forefront of the industry in terms of… Read More

When helicopters land in unprepared zones, the turbulence from the helicopter blades often blows sand and dust.  This creates “brownout” conditions that make landing and navigation extremely difficult for pilots.   Brownout is the second leading cause of downed rotary-wing aircraft in the middle east (small arms fire is #1).  Bridger was recently awarded a… Read More

Zoom lenses have traditionally required physical motion of one or more lenses relative to other lenses.  This has made the integration of zoom lenses into small platforms, such as cell phone cameras, difficult.  Bridger and the David Dickensheets group at Montana State University were recently awarded an MBRCT grant to develop an ultra-compact zoom lens… Read More

In June, using funding from MBRCT, Bridger collaborated with Nate Newberry’s group at NIST and Zeb Barber’s group at MSU to test the linearity and spectroscopic capabilities against stabilized NIST modelocked lasers.… Read More