Bridger Photonics was founded in 2006 by three dedicated laser physicists who pursued their advanced degrees together at Montana State University. After graduating, the founders followed different paths, developing unique skill sets and experiences along the way, and reunited back in Bozeman to build a company.  The founders started the company by simply writing three proposals for government funding.  Two of those proposals were awarded and Bridger opened its doors for business in July of 2007.

Over the next several years, Bridger leveraged government grants and contracts to innovate and develop our core distance measurement technology into what it is today.  For absolute distances and thicknesses from about 1 millimeter to many kilometers, we aren’t aware of anyone that can beat the measurement precision we can achieve.  And we can do more than measure the distance to a single point.  By measuring many points in a scene or on an object, we can create high-resolution 3D imagery.  Most recently, we have used our core swept laser technology to provide gas concentration measurements in addition to distance measurements.

While we enjoy contract work and innovation, we are driven by a desire to create products that advance society.  Our first products address metrology needs for the laser materials processing (SLM-IM Length Metrology System) and optics fabrication (TMS Thickness Metrology System™) industries.  We have also developed an advanced high-resolution 3D imager (HRS 3D Imager, ITAR Controlled) for security and defense markets.  We will continue to work with our customers and partners to create innovative solutions that meet their measurement needs.

Bridger Photonics operates with a strong set of core values and that reflects the pioneering spirit of Jim Bridger and Bozeman, Montana:

  • Above all else, we value technical excellence, integrity, and honesty
  • We believe teamwork, creativity, and a strong work ethic critically enable our innovation and success
  • We deeply value and respect one another, our families, our community, and a sense of balance in life

Images courtesy Lei S. Meng

Bridger Photonics, Inc. is located in beautiful Bozeman, in the heart of southwestern Montana’s Rocky Mountains.  Bozeman’s clean air and national forest access offer unrivaled outdoor opportunities for skiing, hiking, climbing, biking, rafting, and camping; an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. The community also offers an infrastructure for successful technical businesses, an exceptional educational system, and many cultural and sporting events; all of which contribute to its ideal lifestyle. For more information visit