Bridger Photonics was awarded a Phase II SBIR from the National Science Foundation for an effort entitled “Fast and Accurate Laser Distance Metrology”.  Based on Bridger’s proprietary techniques, Bridger can provide unsurpassed range precisons from standoff distances on a variety of surfaces.  The technology is primiraly designed to measure absolute distance to targets down to the nanometer scale over meter scale standoff distances.  Dr. Randy Reibel, Bridger’s COO, is leading the effort.  “This program will provide Bridger with a unique opportunity to examine and inspect a variety of freeform and other surfaces from many of our customers,” Dr. Reibel says. He added that, “with our unsurpassed capabilities in range precision and our capabilities off of diffuse targets, many new application areas will be opened.”  If your company has potential applications or would like us to examine sample surfaces that have been hard to measure with conventional approaches, we urge you to contact us.  Dr. Reibel can be reached directly at